Tips to Choose Safe Constructions

bims faydalaarıIt’s possible to see and assess the external beauty of the buildings that you have con-structed, but how about the ones before construction?

According to the heat insulation regulations of Ministry of Public Works and Settle-ment, there are standards that all the buildings built in Turkey are obliged to comply with heat insulation. 100% feasibility is unlikely due to gaps in the audit.

If the building is completed, it can be controlled through the visible cracks. The dif-ferences from the approved original plan of the building are also important.

The first place to check after the crack inspection should be the roof. The roofs that aren’t controlled and leak water affect both heat insulation and waterproofing. Be-sides, leaking roof causes bacteria and mould growth. It’s required to check the edg-es of ceilings and windows to distinguish the leakage. Are there water marks, a heavy smell and moisture?

The heat insulation is also important for the external walls of the building that are not touching any other building.

Another box that should be on your checklist is whether there is a basement or not under the buildings. The humidity in basement threatens the intactness of the build-ing. There should be waterproof system in basement. If you see black spots and can-kerous stuffs, it indicates that the waterproofing system has a problem. The annual maintenance costs of the buildings whose waterproofing system is well-made. The negative conditions seen in the basement are related to earthquake-resistance. We should also ask about the materials that are used in the building. The buildings where BIMS is used have soundproof, waterproof and energy insulation as well as their being durable

Another safety gap in the building can be about the electrical wind. Is there any bro-ken/problem electrical equipment? Is it possible to repair these parts? The troubles that threatens your safety especially together with the water instalment should be shot.

The external side of the building is as important as its internal side. Is there any need for repairing? The deep cracks in external walls indicate that the construction mate-rial is either low-quality or very old.

The windows of the house that you plan to live in are also important. The double-glazing of the windows will help the heat insulation and reduce the heat loss at the ratio of 50%. Double glazing also helps soundproofing. Another way to test this is to check the noise coming from upper storeys while all the windows are closed.

Fire resistant BIMS provide you safety, reduces the fire risk. However, you must check the conformity of the building with the fire protection regulations.